Monday, July 6, 2009

Music & Literacy - Carolyn's blog 2

Our Music & Literacy project Moving on with Music ended at Stewart Headlam on Thursday 2nd July. Here's Carolyn's account of the last day:

Our numbers increased to 21 by the final day-luckily the last two recovering victims joined in the assembly without fuss. Again the temperature was high, and by the afternoon show everyone was gleaming.

We were joined by our nordic viking (clarinettist) and multi-talented tuba/accordian player- Karl and Dave. In the morning we demostrated our instruments to the assembly of school children who then listened to the songs which Yr 6 had learnt during the week. The afternoon performance included readings and poems from 4 of the children on the weeks theme of "moving on". We musicians also performed a TV medley and a Melinga (tango based) piece both composed by Dave-part of his multi-talent. The teachers present seemed astounded at how well Yr 6 had foccussed and committed themselves to their performance, and how much they had achieved in 3 sessions.Well done all of you!! We hope at your new schools you will have the opportunity to develop your musical abilities.

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