Thursday, April 16, 2009

Step into 'our world'

I was watching the TV this morning as I was getting ready to go to a meeting at Stratford Circus (the venue for our forthcoming Carnival of the Animals concert on 14th May) and saw this advert come up after my usual daily dose of BBC Breakfast. I couldn't have been more horrified.

"Step into our world" says the narrator, advertising Radio 3's Handel Week as two women step in and out of a circle which plays classical music to them from a hidden speaker (click on the link above to see it yourself). 'Our world'?! What does that mean?! I don't think I could think of a more divisive, patronising slogan if I tried. What happened to trying to engage audiences at an open level? Surely in order to broaden our audience we need to be creating an image of classical music which expresses the inclusive experience it offers and letting people know it's something that everyone can enjoy. I can't imagine this advert will endear anybody to log on and listen to Radio 3. 'Step into our world' just goes to highlight the already evident opinion that exists that people who listen to classical music are from a different 'world'. The comment from BumberClott on the link I've supplied here speaks volumes about how this advert will be perceived - "Oh no, radio 3, don't get me started... snobby music and toffee-nosed presenters make me vomit."

I'm sorry Radio 3, I listen to you most days of the week, but this advert has really got my blood boiling.

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