Monday, April 6, 2009

Technology crazy! Making concerts accessible.

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The New London Orchestra office has been going technology crazy today as we've been brainstorming ways to get new media into our concert series in East London. We know the standard classical concert format is getting tired and isn't relevant to a younger generation that we want to see excited by classical music. We've already introduced new venues (Stratford Rex the nightclub for a start), got rid of DJs and all black outfits for the orchestra, we've made our programme notes easy to understand and introduced a musical-terms glossary. But we really want to do more than that.

For Carnival of the Animals on the 14th May, we want to do more to make the concert accessible. At Peter & the Wolf we surveyed the audience using paper questionnaires and also an online version available the day after, emailed to their accounts. We got some great feedback and particularly about the pieces that people enjoyed in the concert. So we thought - can't we get the audience to vote there and then for the piece they want at the end of the concert? And what's the easiest way to do this?! On a clever Text Poll! Introduced to me by DK at Media Snackers (check out for excellent tips and cool media tools!), SMS Poll will hopefully enable us to do a really quick poll during the interval so the audience choose what they want to hear performed as the finale.

Whilst we've got the use of a screen and projector, we want to display some other images during the concert, reflecting the piece and adding another dimension to the performance. If pop acts and bands can have images and videos playing whilst they give a concert, why shouldn't we?

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